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The Government has promulgated a National Archives Ordinance in 1983 in order to provide for the establishment of National Archives and for the collection, preservation, maintenance and administration of permanent records and archives of the Government.


The main objectives of the National Archives are:-

  • To ensure official custody and physical safety of the archives of all public offices and to make them available for reference and research;
  • To serve as the legal depository of all the records of the Government;
  • To increase knowledge by providing information to the government agencies and to the public;
  • To strive for efficiency and economy in the administrative machinery through systematic and proper management of modern records of the government agencies.


The principal functions of the National Archives are:-

  • To acquire and preserve government and private collections;
  • To provide research facilities for the administrators and researchers and the public;
  • To provide technical and scientific advice on conservation and restoration of records, books and other documentary materials;
  • To give advice to public offices on records and archives management;
  • To organizing exhibitions of records etc.
  • To inspect, examine and appraise the records of government agencies and determine the records To be retained or destroyed;
  • To serve as the national repository for archival materials and to act as the custodian for the preservation and conservation of the nation?s documentary cultural heritage;
  • To co-ordinate and maintain linkage with similar local and foreign organizations.

Main Sections of National Archives of Bangladesh

  • Records Management
  • Records Collection
  • Archives Administration
  • Preservation & Binding
  • Research & Information service
  • Training
  • Exhibition


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Mr.  Wadudul Bari Chowdhury, Director, Directorate of Archives & Libraries recently  took part in an International Conference on Documents of the First World War Centenary; organized by General Directorate of State Archives, Republic of  Turkey held on 19-21 March 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. Click here for details